Next weekend in San Francisco…

This week I took the recumbent instead of the folding bike. Much more awkward on BART, but a hell of a lot more comfortable in the city. Here’s what I saw:

Looking up at one of the massive columns.

Lookit all the columns, wheeeeeee!

Lovely setting sun light on some flowers.

This is me, with way too much beard. I'll shave it some day, but right now I'm playing the role of a hermit.

Return To San Francisco (Yet Again!)

For those of you who do not know: I now live in Oakland.

Earlier this week I bought a folding bike, and yesterday I took it on Bart underneath the bay and into San Francisco, and went tooling around. Here’s what I saw:

The city is so compressed together ... I really like the chaos in the layers.

I've always been fascinated by the way the buildings seem layered on each other, like they form a labyrinth. I imagine the city as a giant hedge maze in a garden that winds around for eternity.

Pretty lamps.